When we imagine, our primary mode of being is listening. We listen, therefore we are. We hear and, we let what we hear work through us for the sake of the voice. We bring realization to the imagined.

We live in the world the Romantics imagined. Timothy Morton

What will we imagine? We are all like children now; we are learning as we move through each moment. Each of us can be a person that contributes to the best possible outcome in these surreal times. If we can move into our hearts and listen with our feelings, we will hear the part we are meant to play in the global future. Children are open, curious, playful, and free with their emotions. I am entering this open receptivity of the child, of not knowing that they are naturally in.  

Our dreams are a place we can actively engage in this listening and give life to the visitors that arrive. What world does the global dreaming desire to manifest? We each have a specific voice that asks to be heard and realized. We must let go of what we think of as ourselves. 

You are a song being sung elsewhere, and resonating everywhere. Let your drama unfold and follow the sound of the angel, always just on the threshold of consciousness. Listen. Always listen for that faint song of the angel whose voice it takes more than a lifetime to hear. Tom Cheetham

The imaginal is where the phenomena unfold. When we bring awareness of the phenomena that enter us and surround us, we bring more capacity to the global world. We bring it into aliveness. 

I am dreaming of babies, children, animals, and land. They are asking for a voice. They all have been coming in silence, emitting a magnetic pull to have my presence with them. As I sit with them, they begin to reveal their nature, not through words but through my senses. They want a voice.

May we also pay honor to the thousands of people who are suffering and in grief. May we hold them close to our hearts and comfort them. May we love them.

There is loving in dreamwork… Let us call it imaginal love… This love does not only reach towards unifying as we have been so tediously taught. When we love, we want to explore, to discriminate more and more widely, to extend the intricacy that intensifies intimacy. James Hillman

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