“Imagination is akin to a sense, a way of knowing, that is inherent in each of us.  A sense that can grow weak if neglected.  We all imagine every day, sometimes consciously; more likely, not even aware we are making contact with imagination.  We can get lost in imagination, float along with it; sometimes bring sparks of it ‘back’ with us to our everyday lives, but not consistently.  Yet, the possibilities that engaged imagining can bring are limitless.  Allowing imagination to communicate with us in a regular, grounded way without imposing constraints of our own making on it, can enrich all aspects of our lives.

Imaginal Resonance is a creative-first community helping individuals develop and strengthen their capacity to engage with imagination in a grounded way.  We provide multiple levels of training through supportive skill-building opportunities that are offered throughout the year.  As a community, we create a space for people to share their experiences of imagination, as we explore this unbounded dimension.”

Our capacity to be in resonance with an image expands the range of what we can experience and who we know ourselves to be. We invite you to our classes to experience a deeper resonance with your imaginative capacities. Some examples from classes are below. We maintain the privacy of the makers.

Why would anyone want to do this?

By leaving habitual consciousness behind, and allowing the images to approach us, we move into an awareness beyond that which our thinking mind can create. Because the body is used as an organ of perception, our subtle body awareness and felt sense perception grows significantly.

This process opens several doors

  • It expands our capacity for creativity
  • Deepens our empathy
  • Brings solutions to difficult problems
  • Healing
  • Opens our connection with our life
  • Creates new neural networks and pathways
  • Awakens the felt sense in our bodies
  • Expands our range of the sacred

Embodied Imagination is a practice with ancient roots. Entering the imaginal realm is a slow, subtle practice that creates an awareness of previously unseen presences, this brings a fresh aliveness to our lives.

Contact us to join our artistic sessions and learn to embody imagination.