Introducing Ourselves

The three of us formed our relationship during the three years of the Embodied Imagination ® training program with Robert Bosnak and Jill Fischer. We bonded because we as artists had a special feeling for the imaginal. We found ourselves seeking out discussions about the imagination. We came to the idea of continuing this discussion on a blog hoping we can enlarge this inquiry around all aspects of the imaginal life. We are not pursuing an interpretative, therapeutic approach to the conversation around images, dreams, memories, artwork, but rather a creative inquiry into the exploration of the images. We invite comments and reflections and hope we can create a lively forum for creativity and the interior life of the imaginal.

We encourage people to work with us to deepen their relationship with their own images and imagination. We are forging our own approach to embodied imagination with the blessings of Robert Bosnak. We are both developing our methods of Embodied Imagination. We understand that each person’s situation and needs are unique.

Kat Taylor

As part of her life as an artist, Kat works to reacquaint contemporary society with the unique form of knowledge that is imagination. Kat offers exploratory art-making classes on a regular basis to foster a deepening of our imaginal skills, and convenes occasional online discussions on topics related to the imaginal realm.

Pamela Holmes

Pamela Holmes is an artist living in Sonoma County, California. Pamela read James Hillman when she was 21, and his discussion on the imaginal electrified her and set the trajectory for her life. She decided her life journey would be an exploration of the unknown and fighting for a non-interpretive approach to life and imagination. Pamela has an M.F.A. from Otis Parsons in Los Angeles, CA. Pamela continues to run her successful concrete furniture and art business, Pamela has a website about her art at Pamela has studied with Robert Bosnak since 2012 and has a certification in Embodied Imagination.

Deborah de Fauconberg

Deborah is a Jungian psychoanalyst (IAAP) and organizational consultant. Her interest is in helping people to access and express aspects of their lives that lie outside of everyday consciousness. Drawing on her own experience and years of clinical work, she has found that non-verbal communication with the unconscious using art materials enables people to dialogue with and integrate emerging images into their lives. Deborah enjoys using photography to capture images that evoke universal archetypal responses. In recent years, she has also been increasingly exploring other art mediums, engaging the emotions felt in the body to express emerging phenomena.