Water’s Subtle Body

” Our subtle body is intimately tied to image-making power: the imagination.” Gregory Shaw

I have not posted in quite some time because I have been experimenting with a group of artists. From the start of my Embodied Imagination training, I knew the reason for this training was to take the methods and work with visual images besides dreams.

Each week I allow the idea for the group to work with to arrive, trusting the imaginal wishes to participate with us. The imaginal hides until one becomes receptive and makes an intention to engage in an intimate, compassionate way. The imaginal does not disappoint and is flooding me with ideas!

This week I will show the images the artists brought forth. We have been working with water; this week, we chose a water body, a lake, a river, or the ocean. I took them into a contemplation, so they allow the body of water to form in their imagination. Then they began to feel into the world of water, becoming intimate with the water’s view, to feel the water’s qualia to see if they can fully embody the realm of the water. We recognize that the images are embodiments of their intelligence. 

Henry Corbin believed that the images are alive with the presence, and we perceive them with our creative imagination.

In this process, we are becoming disciples of the imagination. The images do not depend on us but wish to be in a relationship. We quiet our minds and allow the unknown to infuse us.

Enjoy the images, take your time as you engage with each one, and allow the pictures to infuse you.

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