Settling Down to Earth 6

 Group participants offered these observations as we reflected on our class.

“Something got activated in me.”  “There was a shift” in how I’d been thinking about inspiration. ” I’m now seeing from a different perspective.” ”I liked being guided.” “It would be hard to do this in a vacuum.” ” I knew I could go any way my inner guide took me, and I felt safe being in a guided group.” ” I became aware of dimensions in a different way. “There was an energy here that feels external to me.” ”I appreciate where we went with all this.” “The experience has shifted and opened up all my creative processes.” ” Our process keeps me questioning, keeps me curious.” ” This class makes me explore. We are guided, yet we can go ANYWHERE from there.”   Stay tuned for future classes in the New Year!  We hope you will join us in this enlivening experience.




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