Resist and Allow

I started noticing RESIST bumper stickers on so many cars. I took notice and looked them up. A very important organization supporting justice and liberation. This got me thinking about the word resist and the paradox it carries. I spend a lot of time not being resistant to life, being receptive. Yet as I pondered this coupled with the interior life, I realized the dire importance of protecting our inner lives from the colonization of our minds that the culture is imposing on us from every angle possible, such as this Spotify marketing invasion on our moods. So how do we keep the invasion from our interior lives yet maintain a receptive awareness and a sharing of our interior lives on a public forum such as this?

I was feeling uneasy when we put together the front page as bullet points as to why you would be interested in the imaginal. This was already the wrong approach because we are feeding into the marketing mindset. It is absolutely insane that we have to justify why you would find value in images and dreams. So, I propose that exploring our minds and imagination is enough in itself. Exploring images is a tonic, a form of self-love that fills us so we can then have the energy to love life and view life as awe-inspiring. The experience of exploring the interior world is worth privileging.

Now this brings me to allowing. Our imaginal life doesn’t need protection it needs to be listened to, seen and felt, brought to life. We give voice to the images and let them enter our worlds. We don’t need to understand the images, we need to allow for their forms to take shape. We can unburden ourselves from the constructs of definition and learn a new way of sensing and expand our sensorium. Just maybe we can find creative solutions to the problems our world is experiencing in very painful ways. May we resist and allow!

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