In our approach to resonating with dream images, we regard the images as Presences that have arrived in the dream zone from the Imaginal Realm…The Presence is cloaked in surfaces, textures, body, etc., and we approach it gently and with respect, softly penetrating the “crust” of their appearance with our resonating presence until we sense the Presence itself.  We spend some time resonating with that Presence, allowing our body and psyche to be influenced, informed–and energized– by it.

Because each image of a person’s dream seems so unique and idiosyncratic, and because the Presence in the image appears, I believe, for only that one time in that particular way—we don’t tend to hang on to the image, to generalize about it back into the given world of habitual thinking.  But recently both Pamela and I had dreams—within hours of each other—which carried strong, even iconic, presences and which, moreover, had such strong similarity, that the expression itself felt somehow shared, or having a “public” or shared aspect rather than being purely private and idiosyncratic to the dreamer.  Pamela and I decided to share these images, and the words that arose within each of us as we resonated and reported, on this site.  We wondered if anyone else has been greeted by such an image.  Both images involve wood that is exposed to fire but does not burn.


The image in my dream was of a “calabash” style pipe, made of very dense wood.  The wood is so dense in its nature that it can contain fire without itself being burned.  There is a huge concentrated power in the wood, to be able to do that.  The wood is covered by a fine knit fabric in ivory tones, which fit the form of the pipe bowl and stem perfectly.  One can see the individual stitches of the fabric, which is soft and flexible against the hardness and the defined form of the wood. The knit fabric has three simple embroidered flowers on it in vibrant colors, very lively and decorative.


The image presented itself as an intersection of 3 blackened tree stumps within a newly constructed house with the whole environment a wash in blue.

The stumps uprooted,burned, polished and worked by an artisan… within the great density of the wood, its essence has remained intact, beyond suffering. They have survived.

We welcome your sharing of images if these resonate with you. The first image of the pipe is Kat’s and the tree stumps are Pamela’s.

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