New Class Being Offered

Mark Making


People Who Can’t Draw

An experimental, informal gathering to re-introduce ourselves to markmaking materials and the experiences they evoke.

 Six sessions, free of charge. We will convene via Zoom, 4 – 5:30 pm Pacific Time, on Mondays starting June 21, 2021, and concluding on August 2 No class July 26

Note:This is not a “drawing class”. We will not be learning how to depict anything or to make anything look “like” anything else.  This will be a time to experience markmaking materials in a relaxing, reflective and supportive atmosphere, and notice what happens. 

Also note: this is not “art therapy”, or therapy of any sort.  That said, it’s entirely possible that participants will find themselves feeling at times intrigued, and somewhat refreshed, as we go along. 

What you will need, in order to participate:

  1. Dedicated time to attend each class session.
  2. Some space for spreading out a bit with paper and materials.
  3. Purchase of some simple markmaking materials such as charcoal and paper [Kat will send a list of materials needed to registered participants].

Kat Taylor, a former ceramic artist who is currently re-introducing herself to materials such as charcoal, paper, and chalk, will convene and guide our sessions. [You can learn more about what Kat is up to at, a website that she and artist Pamela Holmes have created.]

Our group will be limited to 6 participants.  To sign up, contact Kat at  

Kat will notify you promptly of your registration.

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