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“Every December, Adam Savage—star of the TV show MythBusters—releases a video reviewing his “favorite things” from the previous year. In 2018, one of his highlights was a set of Magic Leap augmented reality goggles. After duly noting the hype and backlash that have dogged the product, Savage describes an epiphany he had while trying on the headset at home, upstairs in his office. “I turned it on and I could hear a whale,” he says, “but I couldn’t see it. I’m looking around my office for it. And then it swims by my windows—on the outside of my building! So the glasses scanned my room and it knew that my windows were portals and it rendered the whale as if it were swimming down my street. I actually got choked up.” What Savage encountered on the other side of the glasses was a glimpse of the mirrorworld.”

So above is the first paragraph from the link above. I know I am posting a lot of “TECH”,

So this is the first paragraph from the link above. I know I am posting a lot of “TECH,” but don’t we need to be aware of where imagination is going in our world today? We are easily suckered into the shiny new narratives. These virtual fragments are being pieced together to form a shared place that will parallel the “real world.” Now if that does not create a stirring in your body sensations, I am not sure what would.
Where it gets interesting is in the quirks, it has a dual nature melding the real and the virtual. This gives unlimited creative potentials.

In Embodied Imagination, we utilize dual consciousness, we embodied the whale from the first paragraph while staying fully aware that the whale is other and not-self. We can use the coming attraction of the mirror-world as creative people to enhance our perceptions. Creative ideas do not just fall out of the sky, one needs to be widening one’s field of awareness to expand complex ideas to generate an elasticity in our brains,to create new neural networks. The embodiment of the other -the whale, in this case, we can experience an alien intelligence and break our habitual concepts of the whale and glean a new way of seeing from the whale’s intelligence. We will be living in dream reality basically all the time as this Technology embeds in our daily lives. It is already here, but it is going to become more and more evident. Life is a dream!

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