Experiencing Color

In our class last week, Kat introduced color as a way of honoring our personality as it is in service to the divine source. This aim is the superexistence of the higher personality, attained by reunion with the individual’s own dimension of light, his “face of light,” that gives the individuality its total dimension. Henry Corbin

Color is not a passive impression, but the language of the soul itself. Henry Corbin

Below is an experience from one of our artists.

Our last Imaginal Resonance meeting was especially illuminating! 
Our exercise was to experience and explore the colors within and without our bodies. Armed with a healthy mindset I was expecting a wholly different color palette to emerge than our meditation led me to! During the meditation, I was feeling my entire body as the color blue as we moved into the painting process the blue became more specific, cobalt! As the color moved to the center of my body it became more indigo then started to become more colorful, pinks, purples, yellows, and in the center bright white. Those colors moved and mingled into the heart area and up into the head where the colors were more staccato, not as mingled, becoming separate. Outside my body, the mood was pink and swirling in spirals, except around the head and shoulders which I experienced as Indian yellow, some of the paint outside and around the head was still wet and mingled with the head colors creating a new vibrant green, wow if that wasn’t creative energy flowing!! 
These creative group meetings have had quite an effect on my art outside the group, because the work is experiential and intuitive. I am using tools and art supplies without conscious thought, using whatever comes to hand, these are by no means finished art pieces but give me a glimpse into the creative possibilities for later paintings. 
The group dynamic is also very special. If each is a symbolic color (or we are that color!) mingled with that of our own, brings forth more nuanced color relationships. I am really grateful to be in this creative, dynamic, and empathetic group. Thank you For giving me the opportunity to join you!

Images below are the other artists experience.

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