Last night I watched Call For Dreams on Amazon. 

Following an ongoing discovery journey through his creative process, audio-visual artist and composer Ran Slavin presents “Call for Dreams,” a feature film that encapsulates and elaborates many of his previous inspirations and obsessions.

This movie inspired me to write this post. Ran Slavin asks the question, Is the dreamer dreaming the dream, or is the dream dreaming the dreamer?

I will go in a different direction than Ran Slavin did with his movie, which I highly recommend. But his question deserves more consideration.

I am asking you all to send dreams that I can post on this site. Let me explain why. I am asking the questions Who are now? What do we care about now? Can we know our world in a new way after this pandemic.

It seems we can recognize we are all connected now, united, and in this together. Times are transparent now, so much has been brought to the awareness of humanity. It feels to me if the world has become transparent, it makes sense to me that we become transparent and open our hearts and inner lives to share. By sharing our dreams, we can collectively together dream a new connected and open way of moving forward in this new kind of world we will enter.

Each of our profound inner awareness will help articulate our unique expressions to create new ways for all to be connected imaginative beings. We can be a symphony creating uplifting, inspiring music for all. We can hold space for each other in the sharing of dreams and bring forth the world to come.

We can support each other by bringing this into the collective field. We will dream a new world into creation.

I will post your dreams as they come in, or you can post them in the comment box below.

I will share a dream to begin us.

I am on my driveway and look up into the trees because I hear an incredible racket coming from ravens. The tree seems to be only the trunk, the axis of the tree is visible, but the branches entirely covered by ravens. The ravens form a considerable ball shape that vultures, then land on and encapsulate the ravens. Next, 5 immense dogs appear and seem to float on top of the bird formation. One of the dogs glides down as if on an invisible wire, it lands in front of me about 2 feet away. It comes up to my waist, and it just stares at me with the most beautiful, loving eyes.

Please share, maybe the dog is hungry for dreams?

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