Befriending the lack of Control

 One remarkable thing about engaging with markmaking that includes water is that, when we add water to an initial water-soluble mark we have made, that mark begins to MOVE…it bleeds into adjacent marks…it sends a narrow stream down the page…it pools and slips.  It is a marvel to behold: the materials responding to our initial marks with “marks” of their own.  Glyphs from the material/imaginal world, wend their way onto the page.  Now, if I were an artist intent on creating a specific and defined image, I might regard such a dialogue with materials as a failure.  My “result” would not be good enough to a mind dedicated to a specific “picture”.  In our markmaking classes, we learn to cultivate a delight in the play between marker and material…this is the place where the Imagination slips in, with a message all its own.  The outcome carries mystery, as the process has done.  This befriending of the emerging unknown unfolds our consciousness—and our confidence—and is a beautiful training for us as we fulfill our humanity at deeper and deeper levels.

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