Yorro Yorro

Here’s from Yorro Yorro Everything Standing Up Alive. page 53 by David Mowaljarlai and Jutta Malnic  Elder Mowaljarlai quote

“You have a feeling in your heart that you’re going to feed your body this day, get more knowledge. You go out now, see animals moving, see trees, a river. You are looking at nature and giving it your full attention, seeing all its beauty. Your vision has opened and you start learning now.When you touch them, all things talk to you, give you their story. It makes you really surprised.You feel you want to get deeper so you start moving around and  stamp your feet – to come closer and to recognize what you are seeing. You understand that your mind has been opened to all those things because you are seeing them; because your presence and their presence meet together and you recognize each other. These things recognize you. They give their wisdom and their understanding to you when you come close to them.In the distance, you feel: ‘Aaahh – I am going to go there and have a closer look!’ You know it is pulling you. When you recognize it, it gives strength – a new flow. You have life now.”

This says it all in what we do in our art groups.

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