Working with inklings and glimmerings of things that want to come into being.

Enrique Martinez Celaya

Are you interested in collaborating with Creative Imagination to bring forth a more beautiful world?

The Embodied Imagination process can help you to do this by coaching you in slowing down, letting go of the mind, of thoughts and interpretations, in releasing habitual awareness, and in entering directly into the image.

From this awareness you are free to explore what you are experiencing more deeply, in greater detail, and often with new insights.

You will be experiencing Imagination from the perspective of that which is ready to be known and come into being, rather than by making mental interpretations about what you think should happen.

This process I am describing is a kind of midwifery of ideas. An idea lab. It is also a practice, and takes focused awareness, relaxation, a block of free time, and two people.

We will be looking very closely with curiosity at what wants to be born and allowing ourselves to embody this longing. Once inside the image, we can experience firsthand what are its qualities and characteristics.

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