Introducing Ourselves

The two of us formed our relationship during the three years of the Embodied Imagination ® training program with Robert Bosnak and Jill Fischer. We bonded because we as artists had a special feeling for the imaginal. We found ourselves seeking out discussions about the imagination. We came to the idea of continuing this discussion on a blog hoping we can enlarge this inquiry around all aspects of the imaginal life. We are not pursuing an interpretative, therapeutic approach to the conversation around images, dreams, memories, artwork, but rather a creative inquiry into the exploration of the images. We invite comments and reflections and hope we can create a lively forum for creativity and the interior life of the imaginal.

We encourage people to work with us to deepen their relationship with their own images and imagination. We are forging our own approach to embodied imagination with the blessings of Robert Bosnak. We are both developing our methods of Embodied Imagination. We understand that each person’s situation and needs are unique.

Pamela Holmes

Pamela Holmes is an artist living in Sonoma County in Northern California. Pamela read James Hillman when she was 21, and his discussion on the imaginal electrified her and set the trajectory for her life. She decided her life would be an exploration of the unknown and fighting for a noninterpretive approach to life and imagination. Pamela has a M.F.A. from Otis in Los Angeles, Ca. Pamela has run Holmes Wilson Tables, a successful furniture business, for 25 years. Pamela continues to make paintings. Pamela has studied with Robert Bosnak since 2012 and has a certification in Embodied Imagination™ ®.

She is available for dreamwork and she facilitates art classes that awaken and deepen the imaginal connection we each carry within ourselves. If you are interested in classes, please feel free to email me.

Kat Taylor

Kat Taylor is an artist living in the Pacific Northwest. The path toward her grounding in the imaginal has followed many byways: early mystical experiences in childhood; a loving study of the romantic poets; a M.A. in Theology where she pioneered, with others, the inclusion of the feminine; a 30 year career as an artist in several media; a 15 year period of study with the Spiritual Guidance Wisdom school of Atum O’Kane; many years of working with a Jungian analyst in Seattle; and, most recently a three year period of immersion in Robert Bosnak’s Embodied Imagination™ ® training program. Currently she is several years into an into a depth study of the Golden Chain – a history of the imagination in western culture.

Kat is available to consult with individuals who want to explore their experiences of the imaginal. She is comfortable with religious language and belief systems. Kat occasionally gives lectures and leads discussions on the topic of the imaginal, dreams and the Golden Chain.