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/18/20The Wavein a long hall of tapestry, rugs, and writings.there’s a small car in the hall, across from me, with a man in white sitting inside, looking down the hall towards the beach.  i look with him….people are in a panic. a huge wave enters the hall and i turn towards it, half behind a wall.  the man is standing in the middle of the hall, facing the water.  i can hear the wave, but can’t see it unless i peek.  as it comes, i reach my arm out to touch it, let it touch me, move me.  nothing.  goes right thru.  the man isn’t touched by it either.  we look at each other.  he VERY slowly walks over, gives me his card: “ahbinvegupta”.  we go into a music shop with bowls of fruit and nuts on the floor. he picks up a stringed something and plays. The bowls shake and turn and i put my hands over them to spread their vibrations.
3/21/20The Roof Lifts In a hallway of worlds.  portals into dark.a wounded robin stumbles by and the roof lifts off.  she flies away…a feather drops and settles in a pool of light in the exact shape of her wing.  
(the next morning on a walk i looked down and saw a feather resting in a pool of light.)
3/27/20Dolphins in Venice dolphins in the canals of Venice. I’m on a dock with a lot of people.  a dolphin jumps up with us, frantic about her baby caught in a fishing net below.  she seems oblivious to the barbs thru her and the blood streaming down her silken body…wild eyes begging help. there are 4 groups of people now.  each with distinct ideas. one wants to beat it to death.  one moves to push it back in.  another to capture and put it on display, make $. our group, without a word, dives into the water with her.
4/3/20Rabbit in the Forest traffic accident. a car is tipped, engine on, gas leaking.  back door open. a basket of kittens on the seat.  i hand it to a guy whose arm is gashed and ask him to take the basket to the hospital behind him.  he stares at me frozen and i growl “go” and he turns and walks towards the hospital. lift the woman out of the front seat and hand her to a fireman a foot away.  he signals above his head to ‘spray it’.  i walk into a forest clearing sit against a tall tree.  rabbit comes over and sits close by. i put the baton done and say “how’d i get this job anyway?”   and the tree laughs and the forest laughs and i laugh with them.   only the rabbit doesn’t laugh…he is still, silent.
4/7/20Dominos of Light i’m in the forest clearing with the child.   she holds my hand and says:  ‘i trust you, let’s go’.  my heart cracks. i look down, her hand is light; she is light….i’m light.  Abhinavagupta takes my other hand.  ‘told you you could do this’. “well, i had some help you know” ‘Yes, he is a beauty.’ he steps close to the tree and the little one says: ‘wait’…she gives her hand to the step lady….and the step lady becomes light…and the step lady reaches back to her mother and father and all relatives thru miles and miles of forest…dominoes of light.

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